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Our whole thought behind developing the unique patent pending design of the FlipFork, was to make more time for the horse person to enjoy their equine friends, by spending less time and frustration cleaning.

Not only will it save you up to half the time to clean, it also saves you money. By being able to trap the manure once you’ve closed the slider lid, you can shake out virtually all the bedding before discarding the manure. The FlipFork will be the one tool in your barn that will literally pay for itself in no time at all.

Because of the flipping motion that has been built into the unit, once you close the sliding lid, the FlipFork becomes very ergonomic.  What we mean by this is, with your basic manure fork the only way to discard manure is by flipping it into the receptacle.  With the FlipFork you eject the manure into the receptacle, alleviating any torsion of the body.

Whether you are cleaning a horse trailer or a commercial equine facility, you will immediately notice the savings in time, money and effort.

Along with all the other great features, FlipFork also includes a one year warranty against material and manufacturer defects,based on normal wear and intended usage.

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